Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

The terms of this privacy policy will apply to any use and / or purchase of the purchase services made on the site and / or in any other way. Browsing the website and / or purchasing on the website and / or in any other manner of the company’s services, as well as any other use of the website, constitutes approval and consent of the user and / or the customer (hereinafter: “the customer”) to the terms of the privacy policy.

2. Collection of information

We collect information when the customer registers on the site, logs in to the account, makes a purchase, uses the company’s services, fills out a form, participates in a competition and / or logs out of the account. The information collected includes your full name, email address, telephone number and / or any details you provide during any of these actions on the Website and / or credit card information (hereinafter: “Personal Information”). In addition, we automatically receive and store additional customer information from the computer and browser, including IP address, software and hardware characteristics, page views, browsing habits, services and products purchased, advertisements and interests, including Google Analytics statistics and marketing information, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Ads and the like (hereinafter: “Additional Information”). Personal information and additional information will be read together and separately below: “Information”.

There is no legal or other obligation that requires the customer to provide the information and browse the site. Upon any use of the Site for any purpose and interest, Customer agrees to collect the information subject to its use in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and any law. The customer may not be able to use the site and enjoy certain services without transmitting this information.

All information provided by the customer will be provided voluntarily and with the full consent of the customer and will constitute clear and explicit consent in accordance with the provisions of sections 11 and 17 of the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 and section 30A of the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting), 1982.

3. Use of information

All information we collect from the customer may be used to:
  • For the customer’s uses of the various services and content offered on the site
  • Personalize your customer experience and respond to your personal needs
  • Provide customized marketing content, information and services to the customer or interest groups that use the site
  • Analysis of viewing and browsing habits that will enable the improvement, operation and development of the site, its structure and contents
  • Improve customer service and customer support needs
  • Conduct a contest, promotion, or poll
  • For any other purpose, set forth in this Privacy Policy or Terms of Use
  • For any other purpose permitted by law
  • Most often, the information is used as statistical information and does not personally identify the customer.
  • To contact us as part of direct and / or other mailing, providing mailing services to the company’s business partners by mail and / or email and / or telephone and / or automatic dialing system and / or SMS messages and / or facsimile and / or Facebook and / or similar social networks and technologies and / or any other marketing activity carried out by the company itself and / or in collaboration with others.

4. Transfer of information to a third party

The company will transfer the personal information to a third party only in one of the following cases:

  • At customer’s request.
  • Authorized third party companies that assist us in operating our site and / or business, as long as the above companies undertake to maintain the confidentiality of this information.
  • Transfer of ownership of the site and / or the company.
  • For the purpose of complying with an instruction of a competent body in accordance with law and / or a court order.
  • In any case of dispute and / or claim and / or demand and / or lawsuit and / or any legal proceedings between the customer and the company.
  • Violations of our Terms of Use and / or Privacy Policy and / or Use of the Website for an illegal purpose and / or committing an act or omission that may harm the Site and / or the Company and / or its property and benefit.

Additional information, however, may be provided to outside entities for marketing, advertising and other uses and / or any exclusive consideration of the Company.

5. Right to review, update and remove information

The customer may review, update or remove personal information by submitting a request in the contact form on the website. It should be noted that removing personal information from the databases will not prevent the use of the additional information as defined above.

6. Cookies

We use cookies to improve access to our site and to identify returning visitors. Furthermore, our cookies enhance the user experience by tracking and focusing on his / her interests. The use of cookies, however, is not linked in any way to any information on our site that allows personal identification.

The site also uses cookies originating from third parties, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, and social networks such as Facebook and / or any third party company. Cookies are intended for displaying ads and / or advertisements regarding products or services based on your various activities. In addition, the cookies that originate from Facebook are intended to show you information on the site that originates from Facebook, to mark content that you ‘liked’, to recommend you other content that may interest you and more.

The use of cookies by third parties is made in accordance with the privacy policy and terms of use of these sites and does not relate to the privacy policy of the site. If the customer wishes to prevent such activity, he must act individually to prevent the collection of information in accordance with the privacy policies of these third parties and the site is in no way responsible for this content and / or publications.

7. Remove from mailing list

We use the email address you provided to send you information and updates regarding your order, occasional company news, information on related products, etc. If at any point you prefer to remove yourself from the mailing list, in order not to receive emails in the future, you can send an email to and remove yourself from the mailing list.

8. Consent

By using our site, you agree to our privacy policy.

9. Changes and Updates

The company reserves the right to update and/or change the privacy policy, from time to time, at its sole discretion without the need to give prior notice and/or any notice. Therefore, the customer must read his privacy policy whenever he uses the site. The customer on the site will be considered as indisputable evidence of consent to the privacy policy after it has been amended.